About BBB

BadBooshBand feat. Draksler+Magatelli+Marini (SLO/I/D)

BadBooshBand is an international group, with their base in Amsterdam (NL), Berlin (GE), and Miane (IT). Recently, they have released their first album, called “The Best Of”.

Since their first encounter in New York in 2009, BadBooshBand takes innovative steps to forge their own creative vision of the classic jazz piano trio. Through formatted collective improvisations, rhythmically unconventional and emotionally compelling original compositions, they create a highly interactive sound space.

In the last years, Kaja Draksler, winner of the Deloitte Jazz Award, has gained international recognition, both as a pianist and a composer. Together with Luca Marini, who’s versatility and original approach on the drum set have drawn him to experimental, jazz and pop music, and Mattia Magatelli, one of Italy’s top bassists, they have been performing in Slovenia, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France.

“The Best Of” from BadBooshBand is a glittering piano trio record that many should indulge themselves in. (Jan Granile, Salt Peanuts)

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