25 March 2012

Hi there again,

BBB is back from the last little trip to south of Europe! (Or at least southern from Berlin, Amsterdam or Groningen)

Our mini Tour included two concerts and some great home-made Slovenian food and wine! As always the biggest shout out goes to the Draklser community in Trboje!!!  It was Jure Pukl who invited us to a festival he organizes at the Max Club in Velenje, his home town. He definitively took great care of us and the Velenje audience (or odiens) was just amazing. They made us feel good on stage and play our bums off, especially when Jure joined us for a few songs !! Thank;s Jure!

Petra Cvelbar and Žiga Koritnik took some real nice photos during the gig. You can check em out in our gallery.

Gig number 2 was hosted by Zwe at the Zwe Klub. Apparently the audience had to split up between some Randy Brecker gig and some other concert that night, so it wasn’t our most crowded show, but the people who came did seem to have a good time and so did we, since that little stage always offers a warm and cosy sound! (not to mention that crackle-pop up snare !! love it)

Up next, is a concert on May 18th in Losone, CH at the JazzInFabbrica series held between April 13th and May 18th.